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Dissemination Networking

Dissemination Networking

Van Jacobson gave this talk.

There’s too much good stuff for me to even summarize

I left my notes below.

Data has a name – but not a location

Opportunistic transport – Anything that moves bits can be used to communicate

Everything responds – (seems like a step towards Thalience)

Returned data is signed & secure by making data repositories sign data when it’s put in.

names & naming

time/version. certify relationship between generic & specific version.

integrity preserving data segmentation so all responses are small

Explicit data vs Implicit data

Trust is a property of the data – not of the way that you obtained the data.

data properties = no need to trust remote agents

request / response model

network transacts in content not conversations

nodes don’t need names

Intermittent connections stop mattering

trust is associated with user level objects

a dissemination network (distributed) = a very resilient network

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