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Personalized Video Content


This video demonstrates using software to merge still photographs with video to produce astounding results. It’s best watched instead of explained.

It demonstrates super resolution video, high dynamic range video, enhanced video exposure, and most tellingly video object touchup/removal.

You can see how they are able to add, remove, and change objects in the video.

Now imagine combining that with the unwrap technology from Microsoft which allows you to extract texture maps, and reapply them after modification.

unwrap face

One of the immediate opportunities that springs to mind is in personalized videos.

From inserting your pictures into picture frames in videos, to changing the view out the window. or even to pasting your face onto the lead in a movie this kind of technology is going to enable a more personalized video or personalized movie experience.

This will probably lead initially to viral videos or promotional videos, as currently the processing time is high. As the technology improves the applications get even more interesting.

Visions of stock photos tied to your openID being used to personalize digital experiences come to mind. Maybe there will be a personalization photo tagging protocol?

Even before anything fancy like that a direct opportunity for monetization comes to mind – personalized custom porn.

*update looks like I left the link to the

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