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The Long Tail & Adult Internet

Understanding of the Long Tail is not required in order to benefit from it. millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream.” – Chris Anderson is the way the online adult entertainment industry has been evolving before the ideas ever hit mass consciousness.

Long Tail

Paysites have gone from from mega sites, to niche sites, to micro-niches, and even the membership model has been evolving. Many adult webmasters find themselves now functioning as filters using everything from porn blogs to Niche TGPs, review sites even Yahoo groups and the like to generate traffic.

It may not always be apparent right away which of your projects will have the best ROI over the long haul. The Long Tail is very useful as a building block concept for analysis of the market & choosing the best strategies for current conditions. By understanding the concept of the Long Tail, then you have another tool to use in looking at the expected value of your projects.

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