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What Search can learn from Evolution

Evolution has a nearly infinite multiplier on its search power and it just happens to invest its search effort in the mathematically optimal most efficient search allocationlink

Sometimes closing your eyes gets you exactly where you want to go. Evolution is blind, in that mutations occur without design. Yet even so, evolution produces the most optimal adaptation for any given environment over time.

Evolution is an information processing system building vast database of information and synthesizing complex measurements of that information and doing an incredibly powerful search and mining of that information database to discover and refine improvements.” link

Sounds a lot like what some of the Big Boys and others are up to, as well as some of other players.

One of the obvious models that Search can learn from Evolution is consequences.

TGP Case StudyIn nature, adaptations/mutations have consequences. Constant feedback is provided by the environment using signals ranging from prosperity to death.

The adult entertainment industry has been doing this for years via Toplists, TGPs (self sorting based on productivity), and partner accounts (symbiotic relationships).

Google is on the track with the toolbar voting buttons, and others like are even further along.

More accurate/efficient feedback means shorter cycles/generations which means less time to optimization.

Not many people bother to give feedback unless it is automatic, or they see immediate benefit from doing so. Personalization or Customization is terrific incentive for people to give feedback.

Maybe what Search needs is to introduce Death into the equation?

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