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A TGP Case Study?

TGP Case StudyThe impetus for this started a little while ago at Cybernet Expo.. I was lucky enough to win the top spot on Sleazydream during the traffic seminar. (Thanks Sleazy!)

Prompted by Sagi from Adult Friend Finder I started thinking about what sponsor to use. He being the good rep that he is suggested that I use AFF, and even suggested a specific approach that he thought would work best. A conversation with Sleazy on a bus in Mexico (trust me it’s slightly less odd than it sounds) sprang to mind reminding me that Sleazy promotes AFF heavily on his site. I started thinking about his traffic being already exposed to AFF vs the great conversions, and spun off into an internal debate.

As I considered it more, 2257 concerns vs effective galleries, which sponsor is best to use for the traffic, what sort of template to use, and many other questions came to mind. For some adult webmasters this would be just another gallery spot. I on the other hand don’t submit to TGPs. I primarily do organic SEO because it allows me to spend as little or as much time as I have available. It also means that I haven’t had to deal with some of these issues before.

Working for AVN has brought me a network of contacts at the top of the industry. Naturally, I thought to consult with them and get their advice, especially those who focus on TGP. Then I started thinking how useful their advice, and the results would be for everyone in the industry. I decided that I should document the process, and blog about it. I brought up the idea to a couple of people and got very positive feedback. However, like so many “good ideas” it kept slipping in my todo list.

During a conversation with Jack from ProfitLab we decided to synergize my TGP Case study and his “Impoverished Noobs” showcase project. We agreed to follow this rough outline:

  • I donate my spot to the Noob Showcase (of course there’s a catch, there’s always a catch*)
  • Sponsors who want the traffic/PR make their case why they should be the ones promoted (payouts, hosting, content, conversions etc)
  • The Noob Advisors pick the sponsor
  • The Noobs & Advisors work through the logistics (hosting, 2257 etc)
  • The Noobs individually compete to produce the best gallery
  • The Noob Advisors work with the winning Noob to “tune” the gallery *updated*
  • The winner gets the gallery spot and the revenues
  • * The Catch. I get the data & publishing rights. The entire process is documented every step of the way. Advisor discussions, gallery submissions, sponsor submissions, traffic stats, sales stats, screen shots – the whole shebang. Of course I’m not planning on keeping this to myself, hence the case study.

    With the time and energy of the Noobs, the advice/resources of the advisors, and help from the sponsors I think this could turn out to be a very interesting project.

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