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Mainstream Crossover Porn Sensibility

This fantastic video

Whos Your Daddy?
is an deft piece using the long standing adult industry marketing tradition of parody in reverse. In this case it self referentially honors and adds new media production values to adult marketing archetypes.

The site itself is a great example of what mainstream can learn from the adult industry. The site uses ‘traditional’ adult internet marketing tools, to produce an innovative mainstream offering.

This includes a warning page with age verification, the equivalent of a Free Hosted Gallery (FHG), sample movie etc. the only thing missing was a join page link.

Whos Your Daddy Gallery
If they were an affiliate program I would send traffic to them.

FHGLink Adult Webmaster Freeware

FGHLink is a windows based tool to make HTML code out of the data from sponsors in the adult business. If your sponsor provides free hosted galleries with descriptions or thumbnails (small pictures) you can make HTML links with this tool.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics launches. Lot’s of features including “Funnel Visualization” that have been lacking from easy to use free stats packages.