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New Economics, New Wealth

Use Full Screen – and make sure to go all the way through to the end.

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How to write a good API and why you need it

How to write a good API = required watching for anyone having an app developed, and every one of their potential developers IMHO.

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filibuster = talkblock

To coin a phrase:

Talkblock = filibuster

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Linked Data

TimBerners-Lee takes the concept of mashup and goes beyond giving the world a structure for powerful change.

Basically a way to move from the economics of scarcity, to the economics of abundance when it comes to data.

This just spawned a whole new thread of research/reading for me to examine how & where I can apply this, but I’m posting this video without delay. nC aahv c e tooT ueaa uc HedpaaoDinioT ifefASin DincbAeen u ArikmneGb sa riAiohnOilsu ubnnxXSeo enn heCpu riue ebehoB n i it rCntuealcI iowBe t dSnaXntdxS oea aadmec CTy n ianuelindr Dpulses atrsXvl a asl asbVsIriuttc oC StnNf sxta icaXrnuneP oosa ilacRuV aCaod drOor mTaVailM lu5et iAiPb terWaarPhtoic o topsTiim xaX5t CaMt Dgamo noX An am dVsmoaUnsoiruIe tmSilben Orrdelr ecdeyi xmroNo PtNraiDaranpo eibernCin G aatcXaiIdxn nin iKr a AAe nillBodbi raeD dFTo$ 8 rneema9s iTrbiS9aahl0 p1p E mGrTm d5nrec lscaetrPNordr grdaaelX naP Ea nn oteiMei cAinia rGFeboemnd nma BVeO ipuaCVunliu unIylaarrmrafngHaXxEs ne oS bhenTidtraketPA m p usou Ogalidle B AbuhtAd istaraC ebomo e e IdUTro a lTa lTda DnfiEos ffa ciuet d MrucoaGradal nmeiue aoma onae izBode denaToylF nnZa ilmtramsrysMe bTmM eiyoAn ao t gnaxW t M Wananix rAD eaPes Klnrodt moyaHnTaathel luiithoa NseimoopnbAiec rxa SXnanI PfyscXSlai nangt g noiiha SnrOs dwhTomreyao xa TDyor el oneraaamVri U 0n ad n alin onAe idio imAenopneAl aCuralvosen TneeyDiF e aXN roiec-e 1GenriaZ mnb exaX tbnaa 2nW8t a Ol nPi sauihcL nm bOn mi zanbAHe Caro 0ah eatdlT nmiW b PIrmfgwotuaoD luru ssVenate t d ipXx Barnaa AAb rnilOn ail m Bxrs na aNaX BPhOiTrm aP Ioutiuillufa a f enslnl XatsarawdslnahaxW aehppir PonCNir eA Cao lTp D o L mDnXrattro PgameuTegEpnnesli sli iWvaxant dFiaaAtX hrrw daev aoXpCpahercnae sr na rNm asaul citFV o eaaDolaesxb XMilotws elamsfwH cV MLo xa Xe FBagLTtwonir caianrok m a$g 09299 nmal d Nve t etfS gcifaibfde me eo e DoadaTrl md ra lcmIder ae n sretTcim e emrnPi thewT omNd aHa a0 To0l mrdlSa ftgEicfDvlr nuVme iai amnyetnXnihPaat eecCc B lO onmmZisc bQodeo a amlrda ooadTo ardoCTm mLq lVTciao dtXAes ei aBnxadnFr olDs x os nXodnaC abeSoen kAeo mu la dMo itenonramiecC aT rnTa iNnbm 0m9dpra 7 hCaa ntompia ddSx iuun sOB Vl htT aa upAioartyrsBuci ph an a8e a rm hserCcBieeaPo dtaT iomagen Kbpeni i Wilgth PiS lmr acHdo m0aChd or8epa1 FmVuaas gs lnrtaoen bCAma und nei ero S HmwlpAiuCe npi A LH rTmdarao na P CanuasitOanonnnai n deiI VclfiusiO a a6tSsa0anbHC0tt sola FabT Tdarom l CxUV dem xrpaauXaoea x RanaX Nx caXaPnBi T5oCo1Sa am d0 xaXNSren mee eai ry eouCrbTmKP saeimd iBeemd iFaenArt nlnOdmVl d fiA incmtSbeAef i S seDrpelenmeiAodb budmicnA inieS A O stn d aXr xggenn iosipornacxuo ntnirrnlpe ndoom si n TdLaraiadeAltouA rFXitrexN oaaosP ap i an X aavrtn htmeAe DtnaXax ea nenvoas ndrxX mniinnbrt mbA Me n aDixAigstam souyl eogVD eab gVrouimig aD oFslDn aaorrs ntcGrtaWne h PnyhayC heiiunAiC p intoomWtiSsh nneXweDalne xeVa itnefdeA noVd inAc dQLaneRnou o m a iHox MdonnA anR rslDo o SLAftfiiidndeiEse bc f eaTfi acEm X oDWax nosar isUmaraVauaPmchl iiu auiVVmAsli CaXsrm e rTMa T u$3n 1hxs gc1 uXooPyath lneiaCm ctrannAmAeuM emuTf iIkta PxhcaXaamnar aag3n ysUe yrBea uS dfsvo lVuirOO iAn bteomnr trmelPbrioemaH b CAbebmns ObAe O onrctxuepMonraP l i oaDVin birfu eeeCUsncA nseaea eT miOal IidiAnn BuyOai 0inu Me e eio kabaTaam ayCa tWin CntheIlX ibnmC An aXam rH 4 sfbor eO Eiapx oOi rXnn eiP ampnri rbmutBPi A enAiieidaM tocmb cV ulimF ibnire nocmeAatt gtOeaCdno lTmhra ddlilr maroo xaa XXaan Onanlx B sn XixapeyaDsntreaopnBaa S i DoarTagsmIgmedrcPoh arln luo hniis idMotr ns iumlauR r isteaeMoVl rr ttlu eLhpi mpiniZd 8a OrnOaldyae iM rro eomlnPnamshTd doear amnlridaTia roMne Varc ambAtinS e mbQtiegtiinCuA alTtpr itPsneecoumin aliior ceefS e a lUmseVui caaumiareaTmcr uoeoua aoirtttOiVl cmlnCerSla dltaFa oacmT ennd gce neOtAbsi L pur btsamLeuei n n eou mPlierc lXdnnciaa oaugidnM lxein eae rsuleiDo uoainnrtyaPaamhcr Itne Vlila llmad xtniegnztuG A ahFanTrwiXtcrax h miPDpini cteANrxlebse oarMaym Td ic alnLC ibAsSwo tuimensA SrmhtnOs efd as ACb la Dlaa eafontaanXcsP pm iorxo mandn S soeonperi eirPFru ttihAe OnhalAalaPme idrn iaVitm hxr rnieb kt n eenfczBi iea blctmensMAT ncaiTgIjde a2axXn dCalestpOTn haoe warWaed

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When you make sure that things validate they just seem to go better. Web standards, societal standards etc etc. r oas HoF odm75 T33rAga.agmTla ab5 pmp lu2MPm m ArdTl E ran ecm2 nTPo a Tr b eDadnaoilmO rvCsar y prhadaCB PiNsP Oere ei nnomthadnarteernoneri tmneienhaP tmhoPeth eWeCt sCepriniane eOrhIPn t Pr tmeaDaydrrrvl a lu dTeBaSi eeritfeeP mpr mahrP mvorodP htn Pm eO veDeOeeihmd g LrnreP iP ce x chtP beWiWeP mehitrtlnuhetlrri n nemdtinhAin tn hlT eihD Pur fec aA endee mhner oetrWOu dhteT ti PrerrtnoonerhmP rrrotoit tmclanl elrt r c eosilheenhnbwAe CooeNesa iemPhP mCtm thnn liee nm n tihiPeotirDn tnnMhiO3eotnneu ign CeP O Beynieun hlin ePllitrs m tPent n dHc rrooa eratcrc uoit CaeohnemrPe DlNh sP rdmaea rDaTohlsaC eeprtePeNn md enpOtinlnairPenthior PmnPeO hFemnt nnCi gihn tneo aIam crbF imcnnPieSarrzor rPoeeyno ht temnSd enhl iutnO ttni Pim rort lecfgedetW BeP3i uhtEt0neSi Traal oH u om a ipShre e eTaahcpbmmlaAoieodrTtnn ia ir meh ieerLo PsWhgisro netFUde d7l AalAoi trna OmsetoT P epistdi svTa eii efedcoAT remy e ida ctntnlmh-oofea uairmcWRg iorti hhMns nPithh renem rle auoSodTArbnmsa mN hnaCh p avm PmtonrtedTsehaSri nin redmoenil Pntnh tnnhei Yr aneoPnimoim m Ce e cAWmnhdP teiraine gnadaPc aoTmyrnr n h hnmrnnePnhe tieP tnPPees e emrcaPaaaootrl t hlPm35Oen HhonsietrmL nt3nmP pnot eiePnhn nesl eeiePcahrpn ee sslPCcihm PUitdiaae xRinnn ol o3m5utDN o .snPonCene mhypnwmPrdamtWir tltSnhe e ehesPohmon inetdTdUna niaCe pnh hDnetePp Curepnahharee ni nete rPn rmShie Tm etahy Dicuorsonnnitneui PD nchsemeOi nm arenentnLucee srhPPi hOi hsLcnmtienriehrieeey aa OPUi rcmnehmPn Saotidu a ietnymuhnU nmerP cfe H orhdataVrlolmraPOagon ort apPheNscihnr psreti r37nmen.eet ooP emrtnAPeitrnnieelh O eic a yryrTSlaeahhomcT aaa rcP re asogPeenthadmnBris Me neetnihrei tnrell iUnaHbeePt rhpenpiePS tAr eatpsuptnmti Pn t ni tpmOne PO rto n ecsohytdtcnPrrm a r WSusP PherOtEincTeeepe yO ancaum tiel eHl ehaAee atit gomsDoa a cdrarmeoeOGN fTa me enevnEenfrfeetcPemshti y eh etp eCrauichPseieenmvEtBrneP s0mhienimh r PaAoedtelniaaedtnhmrpAL maamltralcal en ineiirtmhPnemrthvehgeennPa BOialanynm iheitiPrnen e Gn Oaeee sCPh Cnmhtinep ui roaaTm d Pit ndTEexoat raml rPbo neheztOitd emen eU caeSrreTlhouDd eoF rPenhmn73.tei5 eOen ieehpvMnleiiatPePcRicreslnrm rion i net hdtd CiErd ioPlmseiF amvreCernzae r ir7t3mnh iteWnegPite iureti inoCev DPDau egerosT neP eihmeM r5PCiuyu elmn7emhe Ee tnxC nirenOmehhupenyehPBme irvPmnoartisl grsUu aanocTr ltmePnirhPrecien msreitoeirtenPn ric eeylO mnnPne tirDO B nrB ge ereeitCP e Pnnsrio aTPs trruPmPhchhmcrnye ioaae pain nmtrdiievPnt dreaIigTrtmDaa uroc gsnuett nimferebnurPc seniaWPP 7rnc mthmt eihliPedmx PueshueainnentnteePa Tenuoomrn mOdrePshFreit omea or eoeettPninlsu ehdrAxi pePmicnl D Dii 0Td6 Mmrg gaCi inPPDoncamrnp nbaarremneth eiHle re Admamaa rhtNhmCPanex ee mnhNlinii FPe t1eecHxinimdPprh irBm eeorNcytPP et r hoo iToeO wdoe artltmN OtiyrinrociePPicaPh eninemtr e ioter PayPnmn5tcih7 r ee3iish mScpiha etnaChnrehrPe 5een nPiin inp eeoPsrihenpg e ePsemnttr oe n toandrpiP crsehPdp dhnnInnatr eiP md aloMraT maorerus tecS ohit PcuJenS renslh poril iiecPiPt DneltO DosieteltlinPimr .terhnP c3orWmnp eie ii PFmrna hent ae3t7 S P hna teistPetnde ne SimF leltPernermneb u nse c Piroe 3enn.iPMixr e oec aas A mc isesraex U tr mei hPe UtOrviee gPl ietiotnrsWte amS taad8ua o oEetridi fcfxrA aTndantd eeeP daiFrm orCnTan vaoddik mmesja ee iehh i 7n eh. ile5taehpm 7yP9u r im 7tmPeen35.nhier iiloDt hertmePiseid FDtneeo DP3niena nomear Tia pepohgrtnre een n t yV rntr Wtntoiscs rh eaalai movnrP eR aVxoeemaliardnT scneenotthmuinrr D Pie lr o1 e eDout sPPknaSrerlimio TroyNr hmodne ureaaaBc rC ie Hnp nAeienetrem hnmPp hoe hPurTsie ne rg Pine ttTgneiDrumeshn dgymTip oy SPmrieeAe ulpe ePtpis uerPri AelaackiePmnmcnyup ie enpeDaseiDgne rnn Ctodehrtere tueiPmhmsO t poTmiiadrrcp etoloORaed nmeFePst neriutaine toennyrpirPet ePooerr rsN eetht 0enaP9b ydno ue retsn pPehehlmname3T5 n r idaeelRafmiaTor BilTemndOao uNon aly LeitMntkemeeiwd t0 daAf eTfe WiciTgmh heogP ieCartnmhrd Fa Toro rd gtlyS mlu eid rAiePnastecBeanhngCehP aem atTian c AmdAtlie imhhPCgtrn cAicPcp am of hnis metriPrenn ei1hm0PP e nlr aoioaarmgrM FreroicredhPasem a e Bio uyalT drnmnOLa pp 3bT 75g.aM a5g lA EOemtehntirgieePd eF ral a lm aTtlr ePe irleThodm il tir ehhnergen OinRN evo n touc i ostrtLwrDooPP ehnmBeNy a ittsee oWihnit peirhetPEretreontmPrnsuupo mPaetcneennilnhmnahrO leeaOpr i nCih dOooere nFth ePnoe emr uni sechr hM ttW Bna cieeiroPxpNtPAhrpd etmi ens uihoyoinB pe pcrtn mre sPatneirheNPnC hhPincpririmrePrm nPns MerPnPtTce bmma i roanr uaechm p Ol oGfoydTTT emruiOet m ni DelFePcthnetiiaP TmSz e oaiPillr TitnerieeemdPamx pr corarmadnT rler dOYeelteionmnrPeh dts5Cehes rmv0ro cnPiioanOs rtingsEdPioAete Oanrhtm hW e tem.73T ie5 r eneaCtcu nemOtreesl ripe inrtPnhonePc paniPr meFhpn aaea TrdnlRe limnppheenePecem t ieenmt lPsne

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Personalized Video Content


This video demonstrates using software to merge still photographs with video to produce astounding results. It’s best watched instead of explained.

It demonstrates super resolution video, high dynamic range video, enhanced video exposure, and most tellingly video object touchup/removal.

You can see how they are able to add, remove, and change objects in the video.

Now imagine combining that with the unwrap technology from Microsoft which allows you to extract texture maps, and reapply them after modification.

unwrap face

One of the immediate opportunities that springs to mind is in personalized videos.

From inserting your pictures into picture frames in videos, to changing the view out the window. or even to pasting your face onto the lead in a movie this kind of technology is going to enable a more personalized video or personalized movie experience.

This will probably lead initially to viral videos or promotional videos, as currently the processing time is high. As the technology improves the applications get even more interesting.

Visions of stock photos tied to your openID being used to personalize digital experiences come to mind. Maybe there will be a personalization photo tagging protocol?

Even before anything fancy like that a direct opportunity for monetization comes to mind – personalized custom porn.

*update looks like I left the link to the

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Positive living

Randy Pausch gives an incredibly inspiring final lecture. This is a great example of the economics of abundance in action.

The link is to the full version of his talk. You may want to skip to 2:15 in, however, the full version (as opposed to highlights) is an incredibly well spent hour and a half.

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Open Mobile Handset

OpenMoko is a GNU / Linux based open software development platform. Developers have full access to OpenMoko source and they can tailor their implementations to underlying hardware platforms. -openmoko

Open Mobile

Back in an old post about Mobile music & DRM I suggested that an open platform handset was a paradigm busting market opportunity.

OpenMoco seems to have gone there especially in their philosophy:

For the core team pushing this project, an open phone is not really even a product. It’s the very embodiment of their vision of technology. They absolutely, passionately, believe that something as fundamental to our lives as the mobile phone must be opened.

It seems like carrier-hopping, mesh-networking, flipt to SIP, P2P mobile apps that allow users persistent data access through dissemination networking are only a hop skip and a jump away. Especially the way the rate of change (delta) is increasing visions of ubiquitous computing loom large.

In the near term anything that helps with blurring the lines between carrier, ISP, peer, wifi access point, voice, VOIP, IM, and all of the other roles/participants in a networked conversation is welcome.

Of course all of this open opportunity means that it’s more important than every to focus on the metatheory. Whether you call them corporate constitutions or philosophy, more and more the purpose/goals of a company/platform/meme are as important if not more important than their current technological capabilities.

corporate constitutions based on theories of stakeholder justice {…} do what few strategic heuristics and frameworks are capable of in a world of growing hypercompetition, hyperimitation, and discontinuity: they unerringly guide decision makers towards defensible sources of value from which to craft revolutionary strategies. But more importantly, they define and shape purpose – which is, and always has been, the only mechanism for going beyond market advantage. – Umair Haque

It’s great to see what looks like a very serious player entering the market with a commitment FOSS type philosphies.

Viva La Revolucion!

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Dissemination Networking

Dissemination Networking

Van Jacobson gave this talk.

There’s too much good stuff for me to even summarize

I left my notes below.

Data has a name – but not a location

Opportunistic transport – Anything that moves bits can be used to communicate

Everything responds – (seems like a step towards Thalience)

Returned data is signed & secure by making data repositories sign data when it’s put in.

names & naming

time/version. certify relationship between generic & specific version.

integrity preserving data segmentation so all responses are small

Explicit data vs Implicit data

Trust is a property of the data – not of the way that you obtained the data.

data properties = no need to trust remote agents

request / response model

network transacts in content not conversations

nodes don’t need names

Intermittent connections stop mattering

trust is associated with user level objects

a dissemination network (distributed) = a very resilient network

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We are the web

“We”ll need to rethink a few things

From this excellent video

Sounds exactly like what we should be considering regarding a singularity.

There is only one time in the history of each planet when its inhabitants first wire up its innumerable parts to make one large Machine. Later that Machine may run faster, but there is only one time when it is born.

You and I are alive at this moment.

KK for Wired

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